Andy Higgs

Hi, my name is Andy Higgs. I am from the West Midlands in the UK, and currently divide my time between the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham where I live, and Brixton in London, where I work part of the week.


In 2012 Chris Wickson and I co-founded Akkroo, a SaaS (software) business. We developed mobile and cloud-based software to address the long-standing challenges faced by marketing and sales teams when exhibiting at events, exhibitions and tradeshows.

I served as as CPO, and looked after product design, engineering and operations.

We built an organisation of 50 talented people located in the UK & USA. After 'bootstrapping' for the first few years, we took a small amount of external (non-VC) investment to accelerate. In 2018 were approached with an unexpected acquisition offer, and consequently were acquired in 2019 by Integrate Inc. (USA).

Now at Integrate, I serve as the leader of product design, and VP of Event Products.

Earlier Career

At age 16 I knew I wanted to be a designer of products, and after winning an Arkwright Scholarship and reaching the finals of Audi Young Designer of the Year, went on to study industrial design at university.

In my final years at secondary school I taught myself web design, and started to freelance in 2001. After graduation I established a creative design & development agency called The Higgs Design Co., and I eventually employed a small team, until I sold the business in 2014 to focus on my role at Akkroo full-time.


🌎 Travel

I enjoyed my first taste of independence was when I was 18 when I backpacked and hitch-hiked across Canada. I love to travel, and since then have visited more than 50 countries across 6 continents. Some of favourite locations I've been fortunate to spend time have been Costa Rica, Malawi, Taiwan, Tibet, Hawaii, Nepal and Montenegro.

⚓️ On land & water

Despite living as far from the ocean as is possible in the UK, the water is my favourite place to be. I love to surf, swim and spend time afloat.

I am a car enthusaist with a special passion for Aston Martin, as well as being an advisor and investor for a growing business working in the EV space. I love hiking and the mountains.

With my friends Simon & Andrew, I started and help to run F1 Calendar, an unofficial calendar of Formula 1 event dates & times.

🛠 Design, technology & creative pursuits

Writing and photography are my primary creative outlets, however I'm fortunate that it's also always formed an important part of my work too — whether that's been sketching, designing brands, websites, software, or just producing artwork for its own sake.

Here's .

☎️ Getting in touch

I'd love to hear from you. I am open to speaking engagements, mentoring, talking about design or just coffee; reach me on , or .